Php / javascript script that allows you to play a list of mp3 audios in sequence or randomly pretending to be an online radio station.

  • You can play from one mp3 file up to thousands. The only limit is the storage space that is required for a large number of audios.
  • There is no loss of quality.
  • Does not require players or external scripts.
  • It emits a phrase or an indicative signal from time to time, which is configurable.
  • Highly configurable and customizable.
  • Open Source.


  • Download the script, unzip it and upload it via FTP to your web server.
  • Ready.


  • In the conf folder there are two files conf.php and conf.js
  • Conf.php: the folder where the audios will be stored. Random: if the list will be played sequentially or randomly.
  • Conf.js: The number of seconds it will take for the promotional audio to play. Promos: it is an array. For now only the first audio works.


  • Each time you add or remove audio files, you must run the script list.php, which will regenerate the playlist.
  • You are responsible for the ownership and copyright of the music you choose to publish.

Demo here


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